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What Is Stock for Teenagers?

The world is changing faster and more dramatically than ever. Money brings about more money and it creates more wealth again. It is not everything to pile money in your vault anymore. So important is it to understand the flow of money and capitalism, and try experiencing investment. In fact, the number of teenagers’ stock accounts in 2021 has increased about 17 times than that in 2019. As the statistic shows, the way of investment has been opening widely to teenagers.

People invest in stocks in various ways. They go into the stock market straight without any information, do it relying on someone’s recommendation or practice with mock stock markets. When you hear that they lost or earned, it sounds very interesting and makes you want to invest in stocks too. Yet, there is not enough information to start stocks and you can be scared because it’s a matter of real money. Here’s good news, however. You don’t have to be afraid, since there are some practical ways for teenagers.

Before you start, first of all, you need to get your parents’ permission. Of course, some students would be rejected because their parents think they are too young to invest real money. If you are in that situation, you should prepare the legitimate logic. How do you convince them? What information would help you?

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There is an interview with a high school student who persuaded his parents, which can give you some ideas to deal with your parents.

Reporter: Did your parents approve you to do stocks from the beginning?

Student: No, they said it’s too early for me and worried. They told me to wait until I become an adult.

Reporter: How on earth were you able to persuade them?

Student: I explained the importance and prospect of stocks talking about my friends doing stocks. And I promised to read books about stocks and not to be negligent in studying. I actually read a few books from time to time.

Reporter: Lastly, can you share how you invested with the readers?

Student: There’s nothing special. I found which countries produce my favorite products and games. And I selected about five companies that have better prospects among them. Then I practiced investing in companies that I chose in simulated stocks. After six months, I began to do real stocks.

If you want to succeed like him, let’s make a stock account. All you need to do is go to your favorite brokerage firm with your guardian and tell an employee to make your stock account. Don’t forget to bring the necessary documents, the guardian’s identification card, and the stamp of you or your guardian. It’s not as hard as you think, is it?

Now, stay calm and relax. You are just a student who has to focus on schoolwork most. Of course, it’s better to make profits, however, the more important thing is the experience itself. Like a fisherman waiting for a big fish, don’t be impatient but wait. Then a huge fish would take your bait.


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