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To Survive, humans evolved to feel satisfied when they eat enough food. Ancient people started to trade ingredients, and they started to sell fully-made food. After that, a job in cooking was made. Then, some cooks started to learn skills and work in restaurants or hotels. Finally, the job, chef, appeared. These days, the world is in a period called the 4th Industrial Revolution. Many jobs are disappearing because of AI and automated robots, but people's desire of being full will not disappear. For this reason, being a chef is considered a promising job for the future to come.

▲ Inside of a restaurant

Chef is a position that manages the whole kitchen. He/She assigns other cooks' roles, creates new recipes, and makes proper pricing. To be a chef, you must get a license. You can enroll in a college and take a culinary art course, and it can be a great way to learn cooking food. After that, you need to get a job in a restaurant to improve your skills. You need to do your best and be friendly to everyone for the service. Then, you will get a chance to be promoted, which can make you get closer to your goal. A famous chef, whose name is Choi Hyeon Seuk, answered the question about what kind of virtue does it take to be a chef. He answered that the most important is to like eating foods, Also, a chef should respect food and take care of himself/herself.

▲ Picture of a chef Choi Hyeun Seuk

There are reasons why people aspire to be a chef. First, this job is a stable job. Hunger is a person's basic desire, and many people will visit your restaurant to taste and eat your foods. Unless your workspace goes bankrupt, a lot of people in other regions will visit. There will still be a lot of demand in the future because people who are satisfied with your food will visit your restaurant again and bring their close people. Second, you will feel that your job is worthwhile. You will see people enjoying your food. When your restaurant becomes bigger and bigger, you will also be famous to people. Then, you will get fans and followers, which means that you are more popular than others and you will have a choice to meet other famous people and be shown on TV programs.

Considering all advantages, we can say that that the job of a chef is a fascinating job. Although there are many difficulties to be a chef, they will be worth trying hard.

By Lee Hyun June


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