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Most Korean students are concerned about their future and path seriously coincide with the third grade of middle school. Some students want to go to the art high school. To help these students, schools in each region provide some examples of people who have to achieve their dreams and succeeded. However, schools cannot control the sense of distance that students felt because they want to closer like a person who goes through a similar period. There is a girl who can give some advice to the students.

▲ Actress Park Se-young

Her name is Se young Park, and she is Art high school student. She is 19 years old but working as an actress. How was the process of this result? When she was 16 years old, she has also agonized about her path just like other students. Along the way she realized that she is interested in the entertainment world, and she wants to advance into society. As a result, she decided to enter art high school and become a practical dancer. However, she took a model interview by chance and changed her dream. So, she entered the model department, and her high school life began. One day, she went to a fashion week with her friends to get some tips. In that place, she was cast by the drama company, and she decided to try acting. Around two years, she has been making her career as a model and an actress.

▲ 19 years old Park Se-young

Now, she is 19 years old, and she is at a crossroads between a model and an actress. From her attitude about the path, students who are worried about their path can get lessons, trust themselves and make their own route. She is not an as successful person as other people that school has been provided. However, it can ease the burden and give students friendliness.


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