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Pop It which is also called "Push Pop", stress ball, and more are in vogue these days. These toys are called fidget toys. Fidget means a person who wiggles, a person who cannot stand still for even a moment. So, a fidget toy has no special function, but it is a toy that can be held in one hand and can perform repetitive motions.

▲ Image of Push Pop

In fidget toys, there are many different kinds. Typically, "Pop It" is a fidget toy that is a silicon bubble wrap. The feeling and sound of pushing the bubble make it addictive. A stress ball is a small ball that is soft and can stretch. The feeling when people touch the stress ball relieves their stress. Not only these toys, there are many fidget toys such as fidget magnets, fidget spinner, fidget cubes, and also mini hand racers.

There are many effects of fidget toys. First, it can improve concentration because a fidget toy makes the brain wake up when you are bored. Second, it can relieve your stress through its repetitive and simple action. Third, when we play with a fidget toy, the brain believes that we are doing something you can control, so you can relieve anxiety. Because of these three effects, a fidget toy was used as a treatment for ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) in the 1990s. When a patient which has ADHD plays with a fidget toy, he can concentrate on only one thing, so it makes him mentally stable.

▲ Image of magnet cube

A fidget toy looks like just a common toy, but it has a lot of effects on children and patients. Not only for children, fidget toys are good for adults, too. If you have some, try and get some of its good effects!

by Kim Yuchae


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