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Summer must be a favorite season for manias of horror movies. Lots of movies companies compete on releasing various horror or thriller movies that can wash away the steamy heat in midsummer. There are some popular movies screening in South Korea this summer that can help you forget about the intense heat.

The first movie is "The Medium" which will be released on July 14th. This movie includes lots of constricted and uncomfortable scenes. The original bill and the production were done by Korean director Na Hong Jin who directed another popular horror movie, "Goksung", in 2016, and the direction of the movie was done by Thailand's popular director, Banjong Pisanthanakun. This movie has already raised expectations since both of the two directors are recognized as the best ones, and also Director Na Hong Jin said: "Goksung" is a family comedy movie compared to "The medium" in one interview.

▲ Movie poster of ˝The Medium˝

The movie is about a record of a shaman family which shamans possessing are passed down in a countryside village in Thailand. However, there is another issue with this movie. Since the movie is so thrilling and fearful, the Lotte Cinema opened an event called "Coward Screening". It is for people who are afraid but still want to enjoy the movie. The lights in the theater will not be turned off, and spectators will be provided an earplug which will lessen the fearful sound.

Another movie is "A Quiet Place Part II" which was released on June 16th. Since part 1 of this movie was a big hit, part 2 was also being loved by people. The movie is about a story of one family surviving in a world attacked by an unknown monster that cannot see but hear. That is why the movie is silent and suffocating which adds a spoonful of fear and tension.

▲ Movie poster of ˝A Quiet Place Part II˝

The movies, "The Medium" and "A Quiet Place Part II" are definitely a must-watch. These two horror movies are recommended to everyone who wants to escape out of the torrid heat of midsummer.

July 17th, 2021

By Kim Won Hwi


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