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▲ The loss of Dokdo The loss of Korea


Dokdo is an inalienable part of Korea. You might be wondering why Korea and Japan are fighting for Dokdo. This argument has been going on for years. But the truth is, Dokdo always clearly belongs to Korea. It’s a historical fact. It’s an integral part of Korean territory under international law. Joseon dynasty’s map is now in Spain and also clarifies the owner of the island. The current president of Korea went to Spain to see the map for himself. Dokdo is undoubtedly Korean territory from the outset.

Dokdo is full of amazing creatures. Because Dokdo is so amazing, some countries have been seeking the chance to take Dokdo from Korea. Even today, Japan is claiming that Dokdo is their territory in an indirect language. They forged previous maps, to make Dokdo theirs. But, Japan had a clear understanding of Dokdo as Korean territory. Before 1905, Japan had never claimed Dokdo as their territory even once. Many of Japan’s historical accounts say that Dokdo has never been their territory. The global community can’t accept these historical distortions that Japan now claims. Except for Japan, not even one country is denying the history that Korea was deprived of Dokdo, and we regained it after the Cairo conference. The Cairo Declaration said that Japan, as a defeated country of World War ll, will also be expelled from all other territories which she has taken by violence and greed. And of course, Dokdo became Korea’s territory again. In the Treaty of San Francisco, Japan officially ended every occupation of Korea. According to the Daehan Jeguk decree number 4, the jurisdictions of Daehan Jeguk are a complete map of Ulleungdo and Jukdo and Dokdo island. The Sejong chronicles map made the location of Ulleungdo and Dokdo public precisely. Even except for these, you can ascertain a fact in the Samguk Sagi book which contains the history when Korea was divided into three countries, and Dongguk literature remarks. All the history of the world is telling the truth.

Korea has been taking care of Dokdo since 1956 with the Republic of Korea’s Dokdo guard. About 40 people live there to care for the island right now. However, Japan killed all the sea lions in Dokdo after the protectorate treaty between Korea and Japan. It’s very immoral. One Japanese fisherman saw the sea lions in Ulleungdo island and acquired the exclusive rights of the fishing industry and Dokdo’s organization rights. The sea lions were lucrative at that time. Some stories say that Japan used sea lions as oil for airplanes. And it leads to their victory in the Russo-Japanese War. Korea takes a keen interest in everything about Dokdo. And Korea and Dokdo are deeply involved with each other.

Most importantly, Dokdo symbolizes Korea’s recovery of sovereignty from Japan. Japan falsely claims to the world ​that Dokdo belongs to them. And Korea will take that they want to repeat the history of the Korean peninsula pillage. We sincerely hope that Japan, which will be with Korea in the future, will be humbled and truthful to history. Again, no one can’t deny the fact that Dokdo belongs to Korea. This is something that everyone has to keep in mind. Not to look on with indifference to historical misunderstandings of other countries.

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