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Have you ever heard someone playing the violin that sounds exactly like Mozart's original one? It sounds impossible, but a Korean violinist, Sohyun Ko, did. She has a great ability at playing it. So, she is loved by many people, and she makes many achievements until now.

Sohyun Ko began playing the violin at the age of three. She learned the violin so fast that she could play as an orchestra member in just two years. At the age of eight, she was invited to Mozart Wohnhaus and played Mozart's original violin, and she was praised and called "Mozart's rebirth."

▲ violinist Sohyun Ko

Sohyun Ko met famous violinist, Pinchas Zukerman, in 2015. They performed Bach Concerto with two violins together, and their performance was widely broadcast on TV and was published in Korean newspaper articles. This meeting led to her present education. She is now studying with Zukerman at the Manhattan School of Music, Precollege Division.

▲ Sohyun Ko Bach Concerto for two violins with Pincahs Zukerman


Sohyun Ko has many achievements. She got first prizes at the 40th Korean Violin Competition of the Hankook Ibo in 2012. Also, she won in numerous competitions such as Mastmedia's 17th Korean Violin Competition of the Korean Chamber Orchestra in 2013 and the Adelphi Orchestra Sixteen Annual Young Artist Competition.

Nowadays, Sohyun has many fans, and she also appeared in a TV drama. She said that you appeared in a drama because she could promote classical music. She wanted a lot of people to enjoy classical music like pop music. Also, she held many concerts giving people beautiful music.

We might think about how she can be a great violinist, The reason is that she practiced getting a good skill. She said that we wanted not only to be great violinists but also humble and warm people. We should learn from her humility and diligence.


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