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As project class is suitable with future society's demands, many middle and high schools progress project classes of various subjects. Therefore, this year, Daihyun Middle School also progressed a project class, Daihyun's Science Project, to make students experience the world of science.

Daihyun's Science Project is the first-semester project class. Performing this project, students can experiment together and make a presentation. It is made up of different steps such as selecting a topic, experimenting, making ppt, (name of the program), and making a presentation. After the presentation, students will evaluate and vote on the others' performance. All of the students participate in it, and a group consists of four students. The school gives students one week to let students make a better presentation.

▲ Students making presentation

Mr. Kim, a first-grader in middle school, said that when he took a science class in school, he could not understand clearly because it was too difficult. However, since his friends gathered in a place and did the experiment autonomously, he was able to learn science more comfortably. His team's topic was about which cube sugar will dissolve first in three kinds of liquid, and he found out that cube sugar in cola was first dissolved. Like this, he not only understood the science notion in the textbook but also learned additional scientific knowledge. It was as if he went to a science academy. He believes that this project will be really beneficial when he enters high school!

▲ Cube sugar experiment

Because of this project, there were many nice effects on the students. First, the students' science grades became much better. Seventy-five percent of students got an A grade in the final test. Compared with last year, it increased by about 40 percent! Second, students were able to understand scientific notion which is not in the textbook. Lastly, students were able to develop their experimenting skills, cooperating skills, and confidence.

With Daihyun's Science Project, students were able to learn to deepen scientific knowledge which is not in the textbook and develop cooperation, experimenting skills, and confidence. Because this project has had lots of good influence on students, Daihyun Middle School is planning an English and math project class in the second semester.


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