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▲ A picture of kimchi

Most Koreans consume 18 kilograms of kimchi a day. Kimchi is considered the national food of Korea. Moreover, foreign people enjoy eating and make kimchi. For the people who love to eat and make kimchi all around the world, Korean Culture and Information Service published the book, "Kimchi in the Eyes of the World", which contains lots of information and stories about kimchi.

The book, "Kimchi in the Eyes of the World", has 148 pages, and this book presents interesting contents, such as stories of foreigners who love kimchi, the culture of kimchi designated as UNESCO's intangible heritage, kimchi eaten by people around the world, Korea's solidarity and harmony with the world through kimchi. Moreover, the book is written both in Korean and in English, which makes it helpful for Korean language learners.

▲ The cover of the book, ˝Kimchi in the Eyes of the World˝

Also, there are people who claim that kimchi is a kind of Chinese food, pao cai. In the book, the writers explained how kimchi is different from it concretely. This book is organized tactfully with a balance of writings and pictures to make readers understand the content well. The book, "Kimchi in the Eyes of the World", is now favorably reviewed, and it will be distributed through Korean Culture Centers overseas and via foreign embassies in South Korea.

"Kimchi in the Eyes of the World", a book about stories of kimchi around the world, gives people a chance to know and learn about Korean culture. This book is now available to read on the official website of KOCIS and Park Jung-ryul, the directer of KOCIS, said that kimchi has now become a universal food shared and enjoyed by people around the world beyond Korea, and he hopes to experience kimchi in more countries and share the cultural values contained in it.

By Young Chae Lee


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