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"Butter", BTS hit song bounds in at No. 1 on the Billboard hot 100 songs chart on June 2, 2021. People around the world are paying attention to everything about BTS. Their songs are recognized in the world, and their influence is enormous. Because of BTS, a lot of people take an interest in South Korea, and they enhanced the nation's position, too.

▲ The song ˝Butter˝ is BTS` new song and it bounds in at No. 1 on the Billboard Chart.

First, BTS members have tremendous achievements. In September 2020, "Dynamite" by BTS ranked first in the Billboard Chart which is the first time for a Korean group to do. Before it, "Gangnam Style" by PSY ranked second in the Billboard Chart. Also, after that, BTS did solo performances at Grammy Awards which is also the first time for a K-pop idol to do. Like these achievements, they are setting a lot of new records.

Next, BTS's influence is amazing. Caused by BTS, there are a lot of advantages in the Korean economy. For example, when their song "Dynamite" ranked first in Billboard Chart, it brought at least 1.7 trillion won in value to South Korea. According to CNBC, they will bring over 37 trillion won in value to South Korea. Also, they have a great influence in introducing Korean culture. Recently, BTS made a collaboration with McDonald's. McDonald's made new menus about BTS edition and employees in McDonald's all over the world. The T-shirt was designed in Hangeul, so it is very influential.

▲ BTS made a collaboration with McDonald`s.

As a world-class boy group representing K-pop, BTS has set a new record in the music industry, writing a new history of the world music industry, including the Korean music industry. They also do an important role that they introduce South Korea. Many Korean idol groups respect them, and they hope to become like BTS. BTS members have a bright prospect, and many people are expecting their next performances.

By Soyoon Park


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