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▲ Yoon Yuh-jung was awarded Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

On April 26th, an amazing and surprising event happened, which represents the starting popularity of Korean movies. Due to Yoon Yuh-jung's amazing acting, she was awarded Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at the 93rd Academy Awards held at the Union Station and Hollywood Dolby Theater.

▲ This is the poster of Minari

Minari is a movie that introduced a family who came from Korea in the 1980s, and they did farming for a living. their story about their life and belief is really touching and interesting. This movie shows their hardship. Moreover, through this movie, it is easy to think about their culture. Minari is a vegetable, that can live even in a harsh environment. The director of this movie. Lee Issac Chung has a life similar to David, the child in the movie. Lee Issac Chung, born on October 19, 1978, is a Korean-American film director and screenwriter. He was born to a Korean immigrant family in Denver, Colorado. He spent his childhood in Arkansans. So, it is easy to think that "Minari" shows his childhood.

Yoon Yuh-jung got a Silver Certificate of Merit in 2017. There is a rule that whoever has gotten this prize will be exempted as a receiver for seven years. However, it is expected that she will get a Gold Certificate of Merit because she was awarded the Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress. Consultation of interagency about this issue is important.

Nowadays, the growing influence of Korean culture inspires people all around the world. It can be Korean movies, Korean music, Korean dramas, and Korean video games. From now on, the popularity of Korean culture is expected to be higher than before. Moreover, today, lots of Korean artists are working hard to make their gorgeous creations and to prove their abilities. Moreover, it is good to say that everyone has experienced Korean culture, and all nations seem to like Korean culture.

May 22, 2021

By Kim Tae Heon


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