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What platform do you use often to watch any video? According to statistics, YouTube has about 2 billion users, which is 1/3 of the whole population, and it is the second most visited site in the world. The best advantage with YouTube is the free chance to try to upload their own videos. Because of these benefits, many people visit YouTube.

In South Korea, there are the biggest examples of the benefits of YouTube, and they are official comedians. Because of COVID-19 and the deterioration of the broadcasting environment, it makes an over-the-air broadcaster to be abolished. So, many official comedians lost their job. Especially, the most popular program 'GAG Concert' ended, so more official comedians have nowhere to stand. In this situation, official comedians appear on the YouTube platform. According to an interview with a popular comedian YouTuber which means the people who established their YouTube channel, they choose the YouTube platform because of the free chance to try to be a YouTube. Like these, many official comedians choose to be a YouTubers and upload their funny videos freely.

Among many other comedians YouTuber, there are popular YouTube channels. First, the YouTube channel 'Psick Univ' becomes known these days. This channel includes official comedians who have many own characters. It has 1.17 million subscribers. They make funny characters, so it makes the viewers feel interesting. Especially, the character name 'Choi Jun' and the mountaineering club's members make many viewers subscribe to the channel 'Psick Univ'.

▲ Logo of YouTube channel `Psick University`

Second, the channel 'Common Siblings' which has 2.05 million subscribers is the popular comedian's YouTube channel. There are two comedians who have the sibling concept. This special concept makes baby viewers get interesting. Because of the popularity, they appear on the biggest broadcasting station 'EBS' for kids.

▲ The member of YouTube channel `Common Siblings`

Due to the free chance for anyone and not limited members who can try of being a YouTuber makes many official comedians can appeal their ability at comedy. These days, YouTube makes us experience many contents and things because COVID-19 limits us not to go outside. Not only for the comedians, but I also hope the YouTube platform will help many people over the world.

May 22, 2021

by Kim Yuchae


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