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Do you know the Baeksang Art Awards? It is a famous award in South Korea. It had the 57th Awarding on May 13. They awarded Grand prize, best picture award, best-directing award, best actor award, best actress award, scenario award in the field of Movie, and more they awarded Screenplay Award, best picture award, and the best actress award in the field of the Television program. Although the entertainment business had serious depression, they are trying to overcome the situation.

▲ Poster of BaeskSnag Arts Awards

At first, Lee Joon-ik's "book of Fish" received the grand prize, and it is about the story of the Yak-jeon who wanted to write an encyclopedia with the young fisherman Chang Dae in the Joseon Dynasty. Also, Samjin company English class awarded as the best picture. In best directing Hone Eui-jung a director of "Voice of Silence" awarded as the best director. Also, Yoo Ah-in, the main actor of the "Voice of Silence" awarded as the best actor. Also, Jeon Jong Seo who is the main actress in "The Call" won the best actress award, too. Also, Park Ji-wan won the scenario award with the "The Day I Died".

▲ Winners of the Baeksang Are Awards

In the field of Television programs, the psychological thriller "Beyond Evil" won the best picture. Moreover, its screenwriter, Kin Su-Jin, and lead actor, Sjhin Ha-kyun won the best screenplay and best actor, respectively. Also, Kim So-yeon won the best actress for her performance in the melodrama "The Penthouse: War in Life." Also, "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" won the art award. Comedian Yoo Jae-suk received the grand prize in the Television category for his variety shows.

Although the entertainment business has undergone a hard time in 2020, there were a lot of masterpieces. They are trying to overcome this situation. Also, experts are expecting that there will be a lot of investigation in the entertainment business.

May 22, 2021

by Seo Jun Woo


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