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Have you dreamed to be a professional gamer? Most students probably want to become professional gamers. Moreover, because of the situation of this pandemic, e-sports has become bigger and bigger all over the world. In spite of the growth of e-sports, the professional gamer is still regarded as an unstable job.

▲ Many students play many games to become a professional gamer

Probably many students dream to be a professional gamer. However, do you know how to become a professional gamer? One way to be a professional gamer is to be scouted, and another way is to be a trainee of a pro team. To become a professional gamer, you should have a talent in playing games like reaction velocity to react to the enemies' attack, stamina to play games more, and judgment of the situation. Therefore, most students who hope to be professional gamer often quit their school.

▲ He is faker, one of the famous gamers.

Though you become a professional gamer successfully, you may have experienced hardships when you were a trainee. First of all, you should do a lot of matches of games every day to improve your game skills. If you continue to do this, your health will be at risk, and you may become obese because of irregular life patterns. Moreover, the pay you will receive will be lower than what you think. In fact, the common income of professional gamers is 50 million won or 40 million won. Also, your professional life is very short. It is 4 or 5 years. Marin, one of the famous professional gamers from South Korea, said that you cannot win the championship if you are one of the challenges of the game. Luck should be followed, and you should give up all the things you want to do.

Then, let us think about a professional gamer's future. First of all, the future of a professional gamer is unstable. It is because to be a professional gamer, they have to quit school, it will be impossible to get a good job. Then, it is common for professional gamers to do online broadcasting. Moreover, online broadcasting is not a stable job, either. However, there is a stable job for them- a coach, but this chance is only given to famous professional gamers.

A professional gamer has an unfair position and is still considered an unstable job. Can this situation be solved with our help?

By Seung Woo Lee


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