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▲ Last look of Trending topics

"Trending topics " is a service that ranks and displays the words with the largest increase in search volume for a certain period of time. At this moment, it became very popular because it conveyed people's concerns vividly. However, Naver discontinued its 16-year search service a month ago. A year ago, Daum, a rival company, also discontinued its search service.

However, criticism has arisen that the method of intentionally entering the same word into the search window to raise public opinion is not indicating public opinion but negatively affecting the means of creating public opinion instead. 

Certain marketing techniques have been exploited, and political disputes have occurred in trending topics. The collective action of creating trending topics has become a problem. 

▲ The duality of trending topics

Some companies and political forces even used illegal programs to top trending topics. "Raising trending topics," which differ from trending topics to reflect online trends whenever political and social issues arise, has appeared frequently. To prevent such problems, a committee was established to quadruple the time it takes for something to be reflected in trending topics and to stop the trending topics service during the campaign. However, despite the efforts, the trending topic service was debated until just before it was abolished.

There is an opinion on Naver, the number one portal site in South Korea, that there were people who wanted the trending topics service to be revived for a month after it disappeared, and that they could not experience it. For those who want the trending topics to be revived, many users did not even know the cause of the problem, citing the recent "android smartphone application outage" phenomenon. When the problem was reported as an error related to Google Android, people responded that if there had been a trending topics service, the situation would have been different. In fact, a related article said that if there was a trending topics service, the problem would have been solved by knowing it a long time ago. Trending topics service is essential in our society for some reasons like it served as the eyes and ears of the people. 

However, some people reported that they could not use it properly because of some people who were out of common sense. In addition to the above cases, daily problems such as subway delays were also easy to grasp when trending topics were available in real-time. Opponents argue that the trending topics service is not influential. In addition, some experts say that due to the increase in the number of users searching directly, the termination of services such as soaring trending topics provided as suggestions is consistent with the current trend.

However, officials in Naver said they are still preparing improvement measures for users who feel inconvenient about the absence of trending topics. One official said that they plan to enhance our data lab service. Data lab is a service that provides search word trends, shopping insights, card usage statistics, regional statistics, and reply column statistics. Users can visit a separate page to find the data they want by period, field, gender, region, and age. He also added that they are considering ways to improve the users' accessibility by keeping track of trends.

March 28, 2021, By Park Hyoin


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