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You will go on a business trip or just a trip. So, you will go to an airport, and you will board a plane. While you board a plane, a flight attendant will be responsible for your safety and convenience. If there is a virus problem like the coronavirus, it will be a desperate and very difficult situation not only for those who work in an airport but also for those who are waiting for a flight attendant recruitment. However, if it is not a special situation, flight attendants and customers will have a comfortable and enjoyable time.

The competitive rate for entering a flight attendant job is 100:1. The competition will continue to rise, and this job is popular among women. Flight attendants could not be hired because of COVID-19 in 2020. But, after the pandemic, many people will come to the airport.

Flight attendants provide meals and beverages onboard, inform precautions, and provide services for passengers' safety and convenience. It requires knowledge of flying, excellent foreign language skills, a strong spirit of service, and strong stamina. Finally, a cabin crew is a profession that serves passengers, so they must have good communication skills with passengers.

To be a flight attendant, one has to get a bachelor's degree or higher. One does not need to graduate from a professional subject, but it is advantageous to graduate from a professional subject in that information exchange and interview preparation are quick and load off. However, when you give up on your flight attendant's dream, it may be a little difficult to get another job if you are in a specialized department. Moreover, an aspiring flight attendant must be at least 160 cm, arms reach should be about 220 cm with heels raised on average. Corrected visual acuity must be 1.0 or higher, and the most important is the TOEIC score must be 650 or higher.


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