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These days, we can easily see electric scooters. An electric scooter is a good vehicle by using electricity. We can use at a cheap price, and there is no environmental pollution when we use it. Because of this, many people use it. However, a lot of people do not follow the rules. As a result, accidents with electric scooters are soaring. How can we solve the problem of electric scooters?

Last December, the law was amended. The main content of the revised law was relieving the regulation about electric scooters. For example, the limited age lowered from 16 years old to 13 years old. Moreover, people do not need a license when they use it. However, as the regulation was relieved, the accidents are soaring. Because of this, the law was amended again. The limited age became 16 years old again. This revised law will be applied in May. However, we need more laws about electric scooters. Since there are a lot of scooters on the sidewalk, pedestrians are sometimes inconvenient. the scooters are scattered on the sidewalk. Moreover, riders sometimes ride it on the sidewalk. These can be dangerous to pedestrians. Lastly, there are some riders who do not use safety equipment.

▲ Electric Scooters Are Parked on Sidewalk

Then, how can we solve these? First, the law should be more strict. For instance, the license became an essential thing when people use a scooter. Also, people who do not follow the rule should pay more penalties. Second, the parking place should be prepared like a bicycle parking lot. Since there is no parking place to park electric scooters, pedestrians are inconvenient. The most important thing is wearing safety equipment. There was an accident that a scooter rider who did not wear safety equipment crash with a car. Finally, the rider died. Like this, safety equipment is an essential thing.

▲ The Accidents Are Soaring

An electric scooter is a very comfortable vehicle these days. However, there are a lot of problems when people use it. We should solve these problems and make a safe road. Moreover, the most important thing is following the rule. If people do not violate the rules, an electric scooter may be permitted.

By Kim Yu-chan


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