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There have been many promising occupations recently that are related to biologists, and these include nano-bio researcher, pharmacy researcher, genetic research, genetic engineering researcher, marine bioenergy researcher, and many ones. So, there are many people who want to become a biologist. However, becoming a biologist is not easy. the scope of the biologist is endless, and among them are genetic engineering, zoology, botany, microbiology, molecular biology, ecology, genetics, immunology, marine biology, and bacteriology.

Biologists are people who study biology and contribute to the development of biology through the study of organisms. There are a lot of qualifications to become a biologist. To become a biologist, you should major in a biology field, then you should get a degree in biology. Also, you have to prepare your heart. Cooperation is required because biologists work with people from different fields. Also, you need persistence and the power of logic because scientific research is constantly conducted. Thus, to be a biologist persistence, logical thinking to proceed with the research, and accurate analytical power to analyze the experiment results are required.

▲ A tool to help study biology: a microscope

Mr. Oh, a famous biologist, stated that the study of biology cannot last long without interest. If you do not like things like biology or anatomy, it's hard to major in biology. In fact, there was a student who dropped out of school because he could not endure the burden of studying anatomy. Studying biology is good, but it is complicated because it has a lot of fields. So, you have to choose the field in biology that you are most interested in. Biology is the study of living organisms. So, studying it requires you to have a high level of concentration. In biologists' jobs, concentration and patience are invaluable assets.

▲ A researcher in biology

A biology career is a promising occupation but it is hard to become a biologist. It requires a lot of effort and study. So those who can get through this can become successful biologists.

By Seunghyun Doh.


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