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Nowadays, lots of schools around the world started offering classes related to the environment. Also, one school in South Korea, Yesung High School, started to select an environmental project as the mandatory course. Therefore, students should complete the water pollution model. By building a water pollution model, they can learn and enjoy the source of water pollution and its impact on the environment.

▲ Do your Homework

The water pollution model project is a school project in environmental science class. Students build and design this water pollution model. It can tell students how serious the problem is. After they make the model, they can discuss the problem and find a solution to the water pollution problem.

The participating students make the model by sharing their idea with one another. They also express many bad things from polluted water such as sea and lake and the death due to water pollution. Also, they demonstrate how different sources of pollutants pollute freshwaters such as domestic waste, industrial, chemical disposal, and animal bathing. A student from the school said that participating in this project is a valuable experience, and it was good to do this with people who are interested in environmental issues like him, and he thought a lot about how to solve water pollution. He even said that he is going to save the Earth.

▲ The present situation of the water pollution

Yesung High School's purpose to raise awareness of students through the water pollution model project was really successful. It changed the perception of students by thinking about a solution to this problem. According to the survey, 90 percent of the students in the school changed their viewpoints on water pollution.

Starting with Yesung High School, many schools around there started to do the same. These projects draw the attention of many students. This problem can be solved by teaching and projecting these things to children who will lead the world in the future.

By Jun Hyung Park


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