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You can see many shopping malls, and you might use shopping malls. Nowadays, many people operate their own shopping malls on-line. Moreover, because there are many shopping malls, it is difficult to succeed. However, I saw many people want to get this job and try to operate.

▲ example of clothes in other shopping mall

A shopping mall operator is a job that makes or designs clothes, and many accessories to sell on the Internet or in stores. Actually, we used to have shopping malls. Then, there are so many shopping malls that we used. However, every shopping mall cannot succeed. Moreover, many people who give up appear. Even though, they want and are interested in shopping malls very much. Also, there are related other jobs such as model, designer, the marketing team in the company, if they do not want to operate shopping mall. Anyway, you should not give up.

▲ Kirsh of shopping malls`s model Songkang

If you want to operate a shopping mall, you better choose related fashion such as fashion department, design department, and clothing department in a university. Also, you do not go to these departments, but it is helpful to major art. Moreover, there are some interviews about shopping malls. She said, first is you need to prepare. You have to investigate, study, and go to the market to look for other clothes. Then, you better good learn. Second, you make your shopping mall manage, and operate. You should make well. Third, you have to have knowledge of PR, and marketing. It is hard to operate alone about package, delivery, and model. So, you find to help or if you can do it, even alone. With that, you have to get a strong mind, earnestness, and effort. Also, you should be good at customer service, persistence, dexterity, and a sense of fashion. To operate a shopping mall is very hard, but we can do very well.

You can see many people who are marketing on social media, and you bought in some shopping mall. Like these, you will be able to do it well. If you operate a shopping mall, you must not give up and should lead well.

By Moon Young Choi


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