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Strict Regulation Plans toward School Violence of Athletes - A plan to Eradicate Violence and Protect Sports Human Rights was announced after the fourth meeting … - The plan will block students who inflicted others in school from success in the field of sports.
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The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and the Ministry of Education jointly announced "A Plan to Eradicate Violence and Protect Sports Human Rights", at the annex of the Seoul Government Complex on February 24th. They deliberated and voted on a plan to eradicate violence and improve the human rights protection system in sports, through the fourth meeting of social relations ministers.

▲ The announcement was made on February 24, after the fourth meeting of social relations ministers.

According to the plan, the Ministry of Education and the Sports Ethics Center would actively support victims of school violence, especially in the physical education world. In cooperation with private school violence organizations, the government plans to introduce a comprehensive change of policies in the field of admission and enrollment, disciplinary guidelines, dormitory rules, and more.

The most notable point is the impact of school violence history on the admission and enrollment of athletes. It says that those who inflicted others in school cannot get successful in sports. When professional sports teams, business teams, national teams, universities, etc. select players, their school violence-related history will be checked. In particular, professional sports players will receive a written pledge to confirm that they have no history of school violence and will be punished if they make false statements. Also, High school students expelled from the school will be permanently banned from athlete registration, and those who were punished under the School Violence Prevention Law will be banned from participating in events and competitions for a certain time.

▲ Lee Da-young(left) and Lee Jae-young(right)

These new plans are followed by the social demand for harsher regulation of school violence after the case of volleyball players, Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young becomes publicized. Other school violence cases are getting uncovered and publicized, mainly in volleyball. The Sports Ethics Center plans to actively accept reports and starts an investigation for similar cases during March and April. Also, to ensure that appropriate sanctions are imposed, the ministry and related organizations will compile detailed guidelines.

▲ Minister of Education and Minister of Culture, Sports, Tourism are working together for this subject.

Minister of Education Yoo Eun-Hye said, "We hope that this plan will convey a stern message of intolerance against violence, including limiting participation in competitions. Hwang Hee, Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism also mentioned the social responsibility of athletes as a model for growing student-athletes. He added that they will establish principles and standards to hold them responsible for past incidents.

February 25th, 2021

by Shin Seungwon


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