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Starting February 15, restriction on the operating hours of restaurants and cafes was eased in non-capital areas. The Seoul metropolitan area has also expanded its operating hours to 10 o'clock, and a ban on the collection of more than five people is not applied to immediate family members. As the Covid-19 vaccine is getting closer, the public has become more interested in the Covid-19 vaccine and its plans.

▲ The Covid-19 vaccine will soon begin.

On January 28, the government announced the COVID-19 vaccination plan. Starting from February, they are going to finish the primary inoculation until the third-quarter to the general public. In the first quarter, patients admitted to nursing hospitals, nursing facilities, and related workers will receive vaccines. Medical staff, epidemiologists, and firefighters working at high-risk medical institutions will also be vaccinated in the first quarter. Older people aged 65 or older were originally scheduled for the second quarter, but postponed it, saying they would decide whether to vaccinate after watching the results of clinical trials in the United States. In the second quarter, users of welfare facilities for senior citizens, employees, disabled people, and homeless people will be inoculated. In the third quarter, all citizens except those who were previously inoculated are subject to inoculation, and the first inoculation to the general public will be completed by the third quarter.

▲ The Covid-19 vaccination is carried out in order.

It was announced that the first vaccination would begin on February 26. In the meantime, there have been many opinions about vaccines to be inoculated in Korea. Recently, an advisory group from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recommended that people aged 16 or older use the Pfizer vaccine. Clinical trials conducted in the U.S. and Germany also showed more than 94 percent effect on the elderly and those with underlying diseases. The AstraZeneca vaccine will be taken to health centers and nursing hospitals across the country from the 25th to the 28th.

▲ The effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine has been proven.

Many people are worried about the side effects of the vaccine. Many people are worried about the side effects of the vaccine. One of the participants in the vaccine clinical trial described the side effects of the vaccine as a 'deep hangover'. Another clinical trial participant said that she felt severe pain in the arm area in the first inoculation, and after the second inoculation, she had symptoms such as chills and fever. However, all the side effects disappeared the next day. Some people may want to choose a vaccine due to side effects, but there is no opportunity to select a vaccine in Korea. It is because they are aiming to vaccinate safely to many people soon.

February 23, 2021

by Lee Dowon


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