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In the past, the impression about vegetarianism for general people was not so good since there is a stereotype that vegetarians would eat only salads in South Korea. However, it is just a myth. What vegetarians pursue is not eating food and not using products concerned with animals. Recently, the number of vegetarians is increasing as changing awareness of being a vegetarian.

▲ A belief that vegetarians eat only salads is a fallacy.

According to Korea Vegetarian Union, the number of national vegetarians increased from one hundred fifty thousand in 2008 to one million five hundred thousand to two million in 2019. It soared ten times more than in 2008. Not only people in South Korea but people all around the world are also seeking vegetarianism. In accordance with Grand View Research, the scale of the worldwide vegan market is prospected to grow an average of nine point six percent every year and reach twenty-four billion six million dollars in 2025.

▲ Vegetarianism is also being on the rise in South Korea.

Why is vegetarianism being on the rise recently? One reason is that it is good for the health. People who care about their health pay attention to vegetarian foods since it is well-known that vegetables are healthy food. The other reason is that environmental protection and animal abuse are becoming a trend these days. In the process of producing meat, forests could be destroyed. Therefore, if people do not eat meat, we can save both forests and animals. As they are issues in modern society, people who are concerned about them increase including vegetarians.

▲ Not eating meat can prevent environmental destruction as well as animal abuse.

Because of these reasons, many people are realizing the importance of being a vegetarian. Koreans are also aware of it, so the prevailing cognition of vegetarianism is changing. For example, Education Office in Ulsan started a Meat Free Monday last July. Likewise, the implementation of vegetarianism seems to spread in South Korea. If it is really practiced, we might imagine a world where vegetarianism is the mainstream.

February 21th, 2021

By Kang Jine Ie


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