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▲ Celltrion got the permission on their COVID-19 treatment.

On February 5th, Korea Food and Drug Administration allowed Celltrion's COVID-19 vaccine subject to the submission of its third clinical test results. Celltrion set about a clinical test targeted at patients with mild cases. If the vaccine's third clinical test result is positive, the vaccine (code: CT-P59) will be the first vaccine approved by the authorities in the nation and the third treatment worldwide.

▲ Celltrion`s CT-P59

Celltrion's vaccine (CT-P59) is a treatment for high-risk patients (patients who aged over 60 with cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, or diabetes) and for mild cases or mid-level patients (patients with pneumonia observed in a video) who do not need oxygen treatment and not for patients with serious illness. CT-P59 is administered 40 mg in a vein for 90 minutes per kilogram in adults. Celltrion applied for permission from Korea Food and Drug Administration on December 29th, 2020.

▲ Korea Food and Drug Administration decided to approve Celltrion`s treatment.

On February 5th, in the final commission, there was a controversy over approval of Celltrion's COVID-19 treatment candidate. The external specialists and people from Korea Food and Drug Administration attended the final commission. After reviewing the documents and the results by the external advisory council, they decided to approve Celltrion's treatment candidate in condition to third clinical test. According to the final commission, they considered it because there are no problems in safety and efficiency with the treatment.

Celltrion determined that they already produced their treatment, and they said that they can administer it as soon as their treatment is approved. Despite many expectations, there is a problem in solving the mutant COVID-19 virus with the treatment. According to a person related to the making of the treatment, they are still researching for the resolution and depending on their strict genetic verification, they estimated that there is no big problem with fighting the mutant virus.

February 7th, 2021, by Kwak Chae Hyeon


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