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Under this speed of vaccination, it takes seven years to reach the condition that everyone in the world gets herd immunity. The people who got vaccination until February 5 were just 1.5 percent of the world population. Also, the countries which have not even started vaccination are two-thirds of the countries all over the world.

▲ (source:GAVI)
The reason why vaccination speed is so slow is that demand is much bigger than supply. For now, mass production of vaccines is difficult, Therefore, there are many countries which not even started the vaccination. Also, some developed countries such as the United Kingdom already reserved in advance, so most of the developing countries could not secure the COVID-19 vaccine. Antonio Guterres, the secretary-general of the UN, pointed out this unfair situation and said COVAX will be an important mechanism for fair access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

South Korea is going to get the vaccine from COVAX, but there are some objections because South Korea is the only one of the developed country among the countries which are going to get vaccines from COVAX. Therefore, some criticized the Korean Government for being too late for vaccine contraction. However, the government takes a different stance, They claimed vaccines are reserved fast enough and enough supplements are secured already. Just like the example of South Korea, many countries are having difficulties securing the COVID-19 vaccine.

▲ Johnson & Johnson succeed to develop groundmaking vaccine (source: Johnson and Johnson)

However, and consolation in sadness, Johnson and Johnson developed a new vaccine. This vaccine is innovative because it is different from other vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna. The new vaccine finished fast, and its storage temperature and period are much easier than difficult Pfizer and Moderna. It can be stored from three months to two years. Also, mass production of it is available. Johnson and Johnson announced that they could produce a billion COVID-19 vaccines.

A lot of countries are having trouble with reserving vaccines. It had been caused a dispute of "fairness". However, with the development of technology, new vaccines and medications are coming out, and humanity will be able to win the spread of the coronavirus.

February 21, 2021

By Gyeowoon Jeong


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