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On the 4th, the two were acquitted in a retrial trial filed by the criminals of the Umgung-dong murder case, which was released after serving 21 years on charges of robbery and murder. The court bowed to them, saying the court failed to play its role as the last bastion of human rights. In addition, on the 5th, in an official apology from the police, he said he would like to offer his deepest condolences and apologies to everyone, including the petitioners, victims, and family members. They are very ashamed of their failure to abide by due process and human rights-oriented investigation principles during the investigation, and they deeply reflect on the fact that this has hurt the petitioners and others.

▲ The police apologies to every one, including the petitioners, victims, and family members.

The murder of Umgung-dong was an incident on January 4, 1990, in which gunmen kidnapped a man and woman dating in a car on the Nakdonggang River, raped a woman, and injured a man. The victim stated that two unidentified men attacked. The police conducted an investigation based on this statement but failed to catch the criminal and seemed to fall into the mystery. However, on November 8, 1991, after the incident, two people arrested for impersonating a police official were confessed to having committed murder.

▲ The murder of Umgung-dong was an incident on January 4, 1990.

The two claimed that they had been tortured by the police since the prosecution investigation and made false confessions. After being caught, he was forced to confess and abused by a Busan investigator for five days. He/she wrote what the police called because he/she could not overcome the continuous torture. He later told the prosecution and the court that it was a false confession, but no one believed them. He met lawyer Park Joon-young, a lawyer specializing in a retrial, filed for retrial on May 8, 2017, and began a fight to regain the "Lost 21 years."

▲ They began a fight to regain the ˝Lost 21 years.˝ and finally win.

A year and a month after the decision, the court found them not guilty. There should be no more people like them. Who stood outside the courtroom shortly after the sentence. Even if we miss 100 real criminals, we cannot make one person who feels wronged.

February 7th, 2020

by Pyo Seung-hui


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