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Last year, a big cat room called Nth Room was extremely controversial since it shared a lot of sexual exploitation videos. The room was criticized more because the main targets of the exploitation were young children and adolescents. Today, when the room's operators are being punished, another form that is like Nth Room rises to the surface. The targets of this room, which is called the Gore Specialized Room, are mainly cats and other animals. People in this chat room abuse animals or even eat them and share their pictures.

▲ Actual chat transcripts of Gore Specialized Room

These people are known to the world now because of a national petition. On January 7th, a petition titled "Please investigate and punish the group on KaKaoTalk "*****" who is brutally abusing cats" was uploaded. The petition reported various atrocities they have done. The petition has reached over two hundred thousand. Police have launched a compulsory investigation to find the participants in the chat room, and they have applied for a search warrant for KaKaoTalk to identify participants in the room.

▲ The petition titled ˝Please investigate and punish the group on KaKaoTalk ˝*****˝ who is brutally abusing cats˝

People are concerned not only for the cats but also for themselves since the violence of people who abuse animals can be revealed with other crimes. Experts said that they can commit crimes and their targets will be minors, women, children, the aged, and the disabled. Actually, there is a basic question of whether you have abused animals in interviews with criminals. In other words, animal abuse is a precursor to violence against people.

▲ The actual chat transcripts about animals representing the socially disadvantaged.

There is an animal protection law. However, the punishment under the law is not being carried out well. Experts emphasized that the targets of violence can be human beings, so punishments is really essential. Another crime will follow if there is no punishment.

February 7th, 2021

by An So-mi


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