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Have you ever thought of soccer deeply? There are a lot of things to know and learn about soccer.

Do you know when soccer had been played in the current form? Surprisingly, it has been played in the current time since the middle of the nineteenth century. However, the alternative version of soccer has been played much earlier. Sadly, we do not know the exact time when the alternative version of soccer has been played. At this moment, do you think you know all the rules of soccer? Basically, a soccer game is played with two teams with eleven players on each side. There are one goalkeeper and ten field players. Except for the goalkeeper, field players cannot touch the ball, except when they do a throw-in. Also, there is a restriction to a goalkeeper. It is that he or she cannot touch the ball outside the penalty area.

▲ Korean Soccer League mark

There are a lot of soccer leagues around the world. Among the leagues, there is also a league in South Korea. It is called K-League. It is a high-level league among Asian leagues. There are a lot of teams in the K-league. Among them, I will tell you the top three teams. These are from Jeonbuk, Ulsan, and Pohang.

▲ FIFA World Cup first place trophy

Of course, people enjoy watching league soccer matches. However, there are a lot of fans of the World Cup, too. FIFA World Cup was founded in 1930. It can be taken place internationally. The place where it is taken changes every four years. There are thirty-two countries that participate, and the way matches are held is a tournament phase.

IF you have read this article, you may feel more familiar with soccer. We better know more about soccer.


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