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The theater was a place that was crowded with people and had cheerful conditions. However, after the COVID-19 worldwide outbreak, the atmosphere has totally changed. The news always says social distancing revision and shows the difficulties of theater. Now, it is difficult to make a movie to have one million admissions. I am not a person who is insane about movies, but I can feel the many difficulties of the theater. Recently, I watched the movie named "Samjin Company English Class". It was really fun, and I thought that it could attract three million admissions at least. However, it managed to reach the one million thresholds. In this situation, I could feel the reality of theater.

▲ social distancing in a theater

▲ ˝Soul˝

In spite of this difficult condition, there is a movie that accomplishes one million admissions. It is "Soul" that becomes the first movie to top one million admissions this year, 2021. I have seen its name on the news. The news showed it as a meaningful and sympathetic movie. I have never seen the situation that the news that recommends a movie, so I am curious about it. One day, my friend went to watch the movie "Soul", and she also described what was reported on the news. The "Soul" is the latest animated film by Disney-Pixar. It is about the contract music teacher 'Joe'. One day, he finds out that he has fallen into the afterlife, where his real dream comes true. He escapes from the "afterlife" and goes to the world "before life." In there, he meets the soul "22" and travels to Earth with him, and remembers that life itself is a blessing. I have not watched this movie, but I can understand how it can attract many people only 15 days after its release just reading its summarized contents.

Nowadays, people feel the value of daily life, and they are aspiring a daily life which was natural before the pandemic. The movie "Soul" also shows that life itself is precious and motivates us to enjoy small happiness. At this point, the "Soul" may attract more and more people.

Feb. 20th, 2021

by Jiho Kim


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