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After Christmas, after a night of December 31, people grow a year older. In the orient countries, there is a special day, called "New Year's Day", which people celebrate a new year and wish to have a lucky year. During this holiday, Korean people do a lot of things.

▲ A boy and a girl are bowing to their parents.

New Year's Day means January 1st, the first day of the New Year. Actually, not only the lunar calendar but also the solar calendar's January 1st called New Year's Day. Although the earliest record of it was a Chinese seven-century historical record, the origin of the Korean holiday was unclear. However, because New Year's Day involves a calendar concept, many historians believe that Korean New Year's Day has been started since the Three Kingdom Period, In Buyeo which had its own calendar concept.

During New Year's Day, people did a lot of cultural entertainments. First, people wake up early and wear new clothes called "Seolbeam". Then, relatives are gathered and do ancestral rites. People also eat a meal

▲ The board, dice(Yut), and playing pieces of Yutnori.

called "Tteokguk" to wish a happy and bright year through the white and round rice cake in it. There are also many entertainments, such as "Yutnori", "Neolttwigi", "Tuho", "Kite flying" and "Jegichagi". Above them, "Yutnori" is a kind of a board game in which you move several playing pieces according to the number of "yut" to return to the designated road. Like the other holiday, there are superstitions about New Year's Day. On New Year's night, a ghost comes and steals shoes, but someone who loses theirs will be unlucky that year.

In our historic New Year's Day involves a great culture. Also, many people enjoy them. Unfortunately, this year, because of COVID-19, New Year's Day is banned for preventing contact infection. After this cursed virus, I hope to be able to enjoy our holiday.

Feb. 20th, 2021

by Ju Yup Je


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