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These days, rap culture is fashion between young people. For example, many rap programs were broadcast such as "Show Me the Money" and "High School Rapper." Especially, "Show Me the Money" has been broadcasting since 2012. Also, "High School Rapper" has been broadcasting since 2017. Moreover, "High School Rapper 4" was broadcasted on February 19.

Rap programs were not fashionable always. Because of the bad behaviors such as school violence and bad words of the rapper, the interest of viewers was decreased. For this reason, the viewer ratings of rap programs were decreased in 2019. However, due to COVID-19, many people lost the chance to see rap performance. Hence, "Show Me the Money 9" succeeded, and the interest of "High School Rapper" is soaring, too. However, there are some bad points of view, too. Some people suggest that some bad rap culture can give a bad effect on people. Actually, the rapper, Deep Flow blamed another rapper, Lil Boi, and Lil Boi got a huge scar. Hence, he suffered from mental illness. Moreover, some rappers use bad words and are on drugs. Like this, some rappers make other people feel uneasy.

▲ The Craze of Rap Culture

The rap program, "High School Rapper" is the first rap program for teens. As the interest of teens to rap increased, this program started to broadcast. At this season, about 12,000 students applied for this program. This figure was the biggest figure of the rap program. Furthermore, many named rappers joined this program as mentors. They are J-park, Simon Dominic, Change, and many rappers. And, a lot of people are anticipating the winner of this program.

▲ ˝High School Rapper 4˝ Is Broadcasting Every Friday

Not only a lot of young people but also some old people are enthusiastic about rap culture. So, we can find rap programs easily, and "High School rapper 4" will be broadcasted every Friday. However, when we enjoy the rap culture, we should know that the rap culture give us bad effect.

2021, Feb, 20

By, Kim Yu-chan


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