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COVID-19 has been raging for more than a year. SO, many medical companies have started to develop the vaccine. Also, some have succeeded. One of them is Pfizer, which was approved as an import. Moreover, some companies have succeeded to make a treatment of COVID-19. One of them is CT-P59 of Celltrion. On February 3, South Korea had approved the import of Pfizer. Pfizer will be first used for medical professions. Also, on February 5, South Korea had also approved the conditional use of the Celltrion's CT-P59. Moreover, there are various reasons to approve the CT-P59 and Pfizer, such as the minor side effect and high prevention rate.

▲ COVID-19

According to the announcement, the reason for the approval of the import of Pfizer was that 28 other countries had approved the use of Pfizer. Also, Pfizer's Community is being inoculated in the US, the UK, some European Union countries, Canada, Singapore, Israel, and more. Moreover, it shows more than 95 percent of protection for the age of over 16. Also, the side effects of the Pfizer such as spotting, tiredness, headache, muscle pain and joint pain, chill, and fever are predictable and minor. South Korea has appointed 60000 doses of Pfizer, and it will be first used for medical professions. To add, the case of Celltrion's CT-P59 has been approved under the condition that offering three clinic trials. According to the experts, it should be divided into two doses. Moreover, the second dose should be injected after four weeks to 12 weeks after the injection of the first dose. Furthermore, it should not be used for pregnant. The 11700 of doses will be used for people who are the age 60 over or with vascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

▲ Celltrion`s CT-P59

▲ Pfizer`s vaccine

Some experts like the CEO of Moderna say that it will be impossible to bring COVID-19 to an end. However, some experts are expecting vaccines and treatment to bring COVID-19 to an end. Lastly, they say that approval of Pfizer and CT-P59 is the first step to bring COVID-19 to an end.

February 20, 2021

By Seo Jun Woo


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