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Recently, many people are claiming that abusing a child and leading the child to death should be treated as same as murder. Child abuse crime and murder are different kinds of crime, but people are claiming to change it. This was issued by a serious child abuse murder case, 'Jeong In' case. The problem is, not only the parents' abuse but also the attitude of the police is being an issue and a problem.

▲ Jeong In

Jeong In is a 16-month-old baby, who is adopted by Jung and An. However, they abused Jeong In by locking her inside the car for few hours, or beating her stomach just because she did not want to eat her meal. After Jeong In was brought to the hospital, her organs were harmed too much because of the constant beating by her parents, so it leads to her death. The doctor said that this abuse is a cruel act that it should be written in the textbook. People claim that it should be treated as same as murder because the parents continued abusing Jeong In even they already knew that she could die because of their doing, and the point of view of a child should be better.

People are also saying that the police should also be responsible for this case because even though her kindergarten teacher has reported that they think Jeong In is abused by her parents because of her scars on her body three times, and the doctor and psychological professionals said that it could be a serious abuse, the police did not deal with it properly. After the 'Jeong In' case, the government apologized to people that their action was not enough to handle this case, and they also made a new layer called 'Jeong In' law, which is a law that whenever the police get a report about abusing, they must investigate about it immediately.

▲ People tribute for Jeong In

Other cases of child abuse are constantly reported in South Korea. The 'Jeong In' case made many people be more aware of child abuse. The second trial will be held on February 17th. Both people and the government should be more concerned about this case and try to prevent the cases like this to happen.

▲ Jeong In`s step parents


By Jeon Seung Hyun


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