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Today, you may hear a weird engine sound, which sounds like a mosquito in an engine room. However, that is not true. That sound is not made by natural energy process, but it is made to announce that a car is moving around. When using a motor to move a vehicle in a motor room, there is almost no sound as you have heard or maybe have ridden on it, an electric vehicle (EV) has intruded our road to protect our homeland.

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2020 GreenFleet Awards conferred "EV Manufacture of the Year" to award Kia Motors. GreenFleet has selected the most successful eco-friendly mobile maker every year. Due to a long-range per charge and cost-performance ratio, in the British market, Kia got the award.

There are hybrid cars which make energy with the use of engine and motor together, plug-in hybrid cars which are the same in terms of energy making process with hybrid cars but different on how to get the electric source and EV which uses the only motor and get electricity from an electric charger. However, there are anxieties such as what to do when a barrier shut down and what to do when the barrier is lower but a charger is far. Because of these problems that could trouble an electric vehicle client, Kia Motors used the ECO Range test to give hybrid cars, plug-in hybrid cars, and EV to clients for 48 hours to render enough test experience. A campaign also recommended appropriate vehicles by using a vehicle pattern, average distance per day, and charger facility to lower the barrier of eco-friendly cars. However what will happen can not be predicted so Kia Motors served 7 years, and ten miles warranty to show the safety of their cars and then got the most appraise among then EV makers.

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Kia motors proposed that they will release the EV 7 model and will fortify cooperation between international charger infrastructure makers by 2027. Recently, Kia Motors released 'E-GMP', which is a skateboard platform for EV.

January 10th, 2021

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