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COVID-19 took away our freedom by displaying to us its threatening presence and its brutal contagiousness. So, we are not allowed to go out for now. However, there are good to travel in winter. Although we cannot travel now because of COVID-19, I will introduce five countries that are good to travel in winter, promising the day when the virus is over.

First of all, Bangkok, Thailand is good to travel in winter. It has warm weather due to the tropical climate. Yayutaya has a history of 400 years and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Bangkok. 

▲ picture of Yayutaya

The second is Taiwan. You can feel the fresh spring and autumn weather, light market, street food, bubble tea, and Mara huoger are popular in Taiwan. Also, the city is well equipped with public transportation, so it is convenient for travelers. The third country is the Philippines. Travelers can enjoy leisure activities. In sunny weather, they can enjoy the beautiful sea. There are a variety of sea creatures, and they are known as "The Land of Beautiful Beaches and Delicious Fruits". Next is New Zealand. IT is known as the location of the movie "The Hobbit". In the North Island, travelers can have unique experiences such as wool-cutting and sheep-planting shows at Agrodome Farm, a farm tour on a land tractor, and traditional dance. Hobbiton Village is one of the popular cities in New Zealand. It is said to be a village where the actual Hobbit is likely to live.

▲ picture of Hobbiton Village

The least on is Turkey. Travelers can enjoy delicious food and Turkey's products which are really cheap and useful for our daily lives. Also, it has unique geographical characteristics. Turkey is located between the continents, which can make Turkey harmonious with the easy and west culture.

Traveling could make someone happy, relieve their stress and help to make good experiences by meeting new cultures and diverse people through travel, we can see the world with a broader perspective. I cannot wait for COVID-19 to end to be able to travel.


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