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For many young children, a zoo is a place full of different experiences and interests. Zoos do not only give people pleasure by introducing various animals but also protect animals and increase public interest in them. However, growing voices are opposing zoos. Why do animal rights activists oppose zoos? What problems are there in the zoo? 

The longstanding problems about zoos are animal confinement and lack of welfare. There are many different kinds of animals in a zoo, and the environment and climate that suit them are different. However, penguins, lions, orangutans, and other animals from around the world are trapped in are artificially controlled and poorly suited environment. Several animals live in narrow cages, especially in South Korea, where they have to live in a more uncomfortable environment. It remains to be seen that safari zoos, which are considered to be freer for animals, are also artificial places that are much smaller than the actual area of living in the wild. Above all, those who see animals trapped in a cage can naturally recognize them and form a discriminatory preconceived notion such as "A lion is an animal in a cage."

▲ Pola bear in zoo

The most serious problem is an animal show in zoos and aquariums, especially a dolphin show. The average life expectancy of wild dolphins is originally 40 years. However, dolphins in aquariums have an average lifespan of lesser than ten years. If we think they are humans, they can only live until their early 20s. In South Korea, according to the "Status of Dolphins in Domestic Aquariums," 29 out of 61 animals have died in eight domestic aquariums including dolphins over the past 10 years. Dolphins are so highly social and intelligent animals that they are divided into different time zones and hunt as if they are working in different groups. It is not desirable to train and let such dolphins perform in a much smaller space than their original habitat, the sea.

▲ Dolphin show

▲ The current state of death and possession of dolphins in domestic aquariums

All animals have a natural look and characteristic. However, zoos keep animals in captivity for humans' pleasure and interest and ban their natural appearance and characteristic. So, is it right to see zoos as places to protect animals?

January 9th, 2021

by Lee Yeonseo


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