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These days, most people are isolated because of COVID-19, which has been suffered for about a year. Many people get corona blue. Corona blue is a depression caused by the coronavirus phenomenon. By increasing time at home, people get corona blue. Jeon Hye-yeong in Health Chosun said that after COVID-19 ends, degeneration of human's mental health will continue. People try to overcome corona blue because they live an unhealthy life. So, people's hobbies are increasing.

▲ getting corona blue

Because of COVID-19, people share their life with other people through video meetings. So, even video classes about things to do at home are increasing. People can choose what they want to learn. So, anyone can enjoy their hobbies such as home baking, puzzle making, and learning to use any instrument. Also, they can enjoy their hobbies without a video class such as reading books and watching any movie and drama. In South Korea, people share what they make. And, other people watch and follow them like making an Algona coffee that catches on in South Korea and in the other countries.

▲ depression caused by corona virus phenomenon

When people enjoy their hobbies, they are unaware of the passage of time. Therefore, people like to enjoy their hobbies. Also, people can relieve their stress and feel a sense of accomplishment. For example, when people bake cookies or bread at home, they feel a sense of accomplishment and relieve their stress because they eat delicious desserts. Also, whenever people complete reading one book, they feel a sense of accomplishment and become more interested in reading other books.

People exert their effort to overcome corona blue. If many people exert an effort, we can overcome COVID-19. People likely to be in a survival mode in terms of keeping sane these days. So, they keep themselves busy by acquiring different hobbies.

By Seo Ryoung Jin


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