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Have you attended a music festival? Music festivals were held at the end of 2020 in Seoul, and many people enjoyed those festivals. However, because of COVID-19, people could not go, and they just enjoyed watching the festivals at home. So, many people refreshed their minds.

▲ In 2020 one of the music festivals`s MC

In the music festivals, many idols and singers came and sang their songs. Moreover, they got many prizes. They even had a collaboration with other singers and had special performances. In the festivals, they did not only sing a song but also had other events. Many people liked it because their favorite singers came. Originally, there would be many people's yell at the festivals, but nothing happened this year.

▲ In 2020 other of the music festivals`s performance: BTS

Because of these music festivals, many people were consoled for this year was very hard because of COVID-19. Many people even expect more music festival performances because they cannot go outside well. In addition, many people are very upset because they cannot go to any music festival. So, they unavoidably enjoyed the music festivals in Seoul in their house. However, they had a good mind that they could start a new year.

As the music festivals were finished, many people talked with their friends, and their reflection was very fierce. Even in many SNS sites, many videos wandered around, and people were proud of their favorite singers. They also compiled and made their favorite singers' videos. Next year, many people expect more music festival stage, performances and want to come to any music festival.

The music festivals in Seoul gave much joy to people and consoled them for this year was very hard. Next year, people expect another one, and they hope that COVID-19 will end soon. Then, they want to come to witness the music festival performances. Music festivals give them many advantages and good effects. Because of these music festivals, they can get a good time and free time.

By Moon Young Choi


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