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As the 3rd Industrial Revolution came, the usage of computers and AI had increased a lot. An AI is a computer system capable of learning, reasoning, and adaptation that human intelligence has. There are several advantages and disadvantages that an AI has.

First, there are two advantages of using artificial intelligence. It can reduce labor problems. Also, artificial intelligence and robots can do the same work more rapidly and accurately than people, and they can work without getting tired. So, it is more practical than using people for labor. Furthermore, people's quality of life can enhance. There are many works that humans cannot do easily. For example, a firefighter is a job that saves people from fire. While firefighters do this work, they could be injured or even die because of the fire. However, when artificial intelligence does this work, it cannot be injured, so it is safer.

▲ A job, firefighter that AI can replace well

However, there are some disadvantages of using AI, too. Not complete artificial intelligence technology will have a big effect on people. People cannot make a complete artificial intelligence technology. When people use not complete technology, they cannot control the AI well, so it can have a big impact on people. Not controlled artificial intelligence can harm people. Also, there are many jobs that artificial intelligence can replace. it cannot have emotions and creativity, so it can not replace jobs such as artists, experts, composers, singers, fashion designer, model

▲ The brain of the Artificial Intelligence
and designer., However, jobs that do not use emotion and creativity can be replaced by artificial intelligence. For example, there are jobs such as delivery man, doctor, accountant, and research manager that

artificial intelligence can replace. People who have these jobs do the same works again and again. Artificial intelligence can do this work more accurately and rapidly.

There are advantages and disadvantages of using artificial intelligence. Kim Jin-hyung of the Sustainable Science Association said that artificial intelligence could be used a lot in our society, and it could develop our world.

By Jun Seo Lee


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