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Have you used a smart band? 

A smart band is a smart device which looks like a bracelet. A smartwatch and a smart band have a little difference because a smartwatch only works as a smartphone, but a smart band does many functions itself. The smart band can help people to become healthier.

▲ Function of smart band

Smartband can easily measure health care, such as a number of steps, sleep check, and heart rate. Also, a smart band can give people some entertainment like an MP3 player or a simple game. This smart band is becoming famous in South Korea because people are worried about their health. This smart band receives attention from many companies that make electronic devices such as Samsung and Apple.

One of my teachers said that she does not like Samsung's smart band because its design is bad. However, she likes Apple's smartwatch band because it is better. Also, many smart band users said they prefer Apple's smartwatch band to Samsung's smart band. Not only because of its design but also its function is better. It is because the Samsung band could not check the contents of the message. It only shows in the smart band notification. Also, its design is bad. Some people could think that it is not bad, but more than half of people think that Samsung should change its design.

▲ The different design of Apple`s smart band and Samsung`s smart band

People showed interest in fitness and health data, including how much they have walked a day and how many calories they have consumed. However, there was no next, so people think what happens next. There are many data, but there is no way to use them. So, many companies are adding more data such as notification that tells that you ate a lot of sodium, then maybe your health is affected badly. You should go to a hospital. Now, Samsung keeps up to become the best company which gives people great function of smart band.

by Oh Seoung Hwan


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