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Imagine a restaurant which is filled with many foreigners. You may think that it is impossible. However, we can see this kind of restaurant near the place. Like this, foreign travelers are increasing because of Korean foods.

The reasons that many foreigners like Korean foods abound. Our foods have distinctive and various tastes. Because of these tastes, many foreigners are coming to our country.

Typical Korean traditional foods are bibimbap and tteokbokki. Bibimbap may be one of the most famous Korean traditional foods. It has various tastes. Also, men and women of all ages may like this food. Like this, this food is liked by many people. Bibimbap is more delicious when put some ingredients such as

bulgogi and eggs. Also, tteokbokki is a representative food of South Korea. It has its specific taste. It is more delicious when you eat it with Sundae. However, only a few foreigners like it because of its spicy taste. If we make tteokbokki less spice for foreigners, it will change its taste.

Unlike these foods, chicken is not our traditional food. However Korean chicken has its own distinctive taste and various species such as sour chicken and spicy chicken. In a chicken store, the clerk said that many foreign travelers visit our store to eat Korea's distinctive chicken like spicy

chicken. Also, he said that chicken will become a representative product of Korean food. Many travelers think that eating chicken with beer is the most important course when they travel.

Many foreign travelers are increasing because of Korean food. So we should research our Korean foods to increase travelers. Also, if Korean foods become better, then other industries and our economies will become better than in the past.

by Seunghun Oh


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