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Do you know what South Korean Students enjoy at their school festivals? Korean students usually enjoy talent shows and bazaar at their school festivals. They can show off their talent and charm through the school festival. Many students relieve their stress by attending school festivals. The school festival also serves as an opportunity for the students to change their perception of the school. The school, a place where students only sit down and study, from the perspective of the students has become a more enjoyable place for them because of the school festival. That is why Okdong Middle School is among the many Korean middle schools that hold a school festival.

There are three main activities at the festival of Okdong Middle School. First, there is a talent show. Students have the opportunity to perform their prepared dances and songs through talent shows. Through talent shows, you can have more friends and become more popular. If your dream is to be on stage, you have the chance to experience the job you are thinking about.

Second, there are many games during the festival, which include flip-flopping, tug of war, dodge ball, and soccer. The last activity is a special activity, so many students like it. Many students come to the festival because of the bazaar. So, it is considered the most important event of the school festival. At this event, some students can sell, and some students can buy things.

The principal of Okdong Middle School said that his wish has long been for the students to make their own festivals and experience and enjoy themselves. I asked when he did make the festival, he said it has been made since the 2000s.

School festivals have disadvantages, too. For instance, there is much trash which can make the image of the school bad. But, many schools agree to have a school festival.

By Hwan Hee Yang


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