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There are many diverse factors that can be included in the word "health". It includes psychological health, physical health, or even the whole lifestyle. Therefore, there are many fields in health that a doctor can handle. At the same time, the role of a doctor is becoming more important in many different areas. The work of a doctor is making people's life better by curing the sickness of patients. So, doctors need not only the knowledge about medicines but also the understanding and sympathy skills to know the state of the patients and how to make them feel better.

▲ This picture shows Dr. Lee Guk Jong, and his fellow doctors.

A doctor can do surgery, consultation, diagnosis, and prescription. Physicians operate for the healing of components of our body. Psychiatrists help patients who are suffering from mental difficulties. Additionally, there are many diverse doctors who perform their own roles for the patients. Doctors should diagnose correctly and do everything to make the patients feel better. It seems that being a doctor is very challenging. In an interview with Ophthalmologist Kim, he stated the details about how to be a doctor, and what they do for the patients. He said that to be a doctor demands a lot of studies not only to enter medical school but also after admission. There are so many things to memorize and practice for the real diagnosis. He also said that he was interested in biology and math, and he respected the sense of duty that doctors have. So, He decided to be a doctor. Making better eyes for his patients is also his sense of duty, and He is happy when his patients thank him after any surgery or treatment for their eyes. Finally, he said that life as a doctor is very challenging, but there are many factors that make him proud of his job.

In order to be a doctor, we should enter medical school. To enter a medical university, we should get a top grade in high school. In the university, aspiring doctors learn about basic biology and chemistry for two years. After that, they start to learn more details about medicine and practice doing things in a real hospital. After six years from admission, they will choose a detailed major such as orthopedics, ophthalmology, dermatology, and many more. Each major has its own role, but they should know the basic knowledge of medicine and show an understanding heart to the patients equally.

▲ This picture shows the Seoul National University Medical School.

By Kwak Jun Seo


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