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Since Korea’s proportion of senior population getting increased a lot it is expected to be the highest aged ratio after Japan in 2050.

Also, the longer average life expectancy changes, the more people preparing for their second life and making a plan after retirement.

Because of these reasons, many people think it is important to prepare second life when getting old.

The older planner is the job that can satisfy these conditions.

It is expected to more people will look for the older planner to have a professional advice about the financial problem and healthy life for stable and bliss later years.

The field of older planner will be extended by organization related to senior getting increased due to the graving.

The older planner is a job that makes plans for older people to live their lives after middle age so that they can live the rest of their lives healthy and happy lives.

It will also identify customers' economic conditions, family relationships, health conditions, emotions, retirement plans, etc, and consult them to live an appropriate retirement life.

They provide professional advice on how to maintain good relationships with family members, how to live a healthy and long life, and provide content on inheritance, will writing, death with dignity, and help them face death proudly.

To become an old planner, you usually need a high school diploma or higher, and it is recommended to major in social welfare, welfare for the elderly, and counseling psychology to gain understanding of the elderly and knowledge in the field of social welfare.

Although there are no senior planner certificates, there are similar social worker certificates.

He/she may gain a social worker's license and show his/her strength in his/her career as an old-age planner.

The old planner can work at institutions in charge of the health and education of the elderly, such as senior welfare centers, community centers, senior hospitals, silver towns, nursing care facilities, and health centers.

In fact, there are significantly fewer people who imagine retirement and old life.

I usually think of the joy of youth, but don't think about life in old age.

However, I think old age also has the beauty and joy of the period.

The old planner is a job that finds this beauty and highlights happiness.

By. Yu Jung Kim


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