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My dream is to be a semiconductor engineer. Semiconductor engineers are experts in developing semiconductors. This job is to develop semiconductors and apply them directly to our lives. Examples of applications include home appliances such as refrigerators and televisions. Recent advances in science and technology have led to an increase in the number of products that are used in these semiconductors. Therefore, engineers who make semiconductors have become important as well.

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In an interview with a semiconductor engineer, when he was asked about this job. Question: what is particularly important in the course of your work as an engineer, he answered that field and data are really important to engineers. You can grow as an engineer only by face-to-face and solving various problems not only in the office but also in the field. Due to the nature of work, there are a lot of cases where you deal with various issues in the factory, so it is very important to always record them. Also, the current trend in the field of process technology is that the semiconductor sector, which covers the process technology sector, tends to take on the trend of the economy. As in many areas these days, the economy is not good, but apart from the economy, the semiconductor business is necessary and important. As evidenced by this, the economy in the semiconductor sector is on the rise again from a lower trend than in the past. To get this job, I have to go to the semiconductor engineering department. The key subjects required to enter this department are math and science. This is because calculation and exploration skills needed for mathematics are also needed for semiconductor engineering. Science is also associated with semiconductor engineering with experiments in science. Based on these two abilities, research and various experiments are conducted. Why do not you find out about semiconductor engineers who make life in the future?


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