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  • 기사등록 2021-01-25 13:52:32

▲ Women and men are equal.

There is still gender discrimination in the school. It is a serious problem. Many people thought that school's gender discrimination should be reduced by some projects. Thus, JangGum Middle School decided to do a project that makes gender equality UCC recognize the concept of gender equality and think about solutions.
The project is for students to plan, produce and present a video of gender equality themselves. The students have to do all things by themselves. The school provides a place to take a video and items for the UCC. The contents of UCC is about cases of school gender discrimination and the solutions about them.

▲ Cases of gender discrimination in schools.

The participating students recognize the concept of gender equality. An interview with a senior student from the school, Jimin Seo, who has done this project. She said she made a UCC with her classmates. While they investigated cases of gender discrimination in schools to devise contents, they knew many cases of gender discrimination in schools. They produced that they reenacted a lot of gender discrimination cases in the school and provided solutions to have equality, and she presented UCC. While making gender discrimination UCC, recognized to make sexist remarks before. Then, she decided not to make sexist remarks or act.
JangGum Middle School's purpose of the project recognizes gender equality was successful. The perception of students about gender equality crystallizes. Through the survey for the project, many students told that they know more about gender equality than before.

▲ gender equality

After making UCC, student's behavior has changed noticeably. Not only students but also teachers changed their behavior than before. Now, the JangGum Middle School project is on its first step toward achieving gender equality.

By Jeong Jiin


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