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Because of COVID-19, many people are suffering from a lot of damages. For example, students who used to study for about six classes sitting on their chairs and wearing school uniforms are now taking classes at home with comfortable clothes on. We do not go to school due to COVID-19. Taking classes at home has many advantages for both teachers and students, but it also has disadvantages.

There are many advantages to taking classes at home. First of all, students can study safely, and they are away from the risk of acquiring the virus. There were some incidents wherein students were infected with coronavirus in school. Because of these incidents, the teachers, parents, and students are scared of going to school. There is a lesser risk of getting the virus if the students study in their respective homes. Secondly, students can watch again the recorded videos when there is something that they cannot understand. When students study in school, and there is something that they cannot catch or understand, there is nothing that they can replay, unlike when they study at home, they can watch the videos one more time. Then, they could understand certain lessons more easily.

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Online classes have disadvantages, tools. First of all, teachers cannot check on their students as to whether or not they study well. Students may not take their classes seriously because they do not have a teacher who is watching them while taking online classes at home. That way, they cannot absorb the lessons properly, and the teachers can hardly assess the students' progress, too unlike when they study at school. Secondly, some young students cannot eat their lunch well if their parents go to work. In school, they can eat during lunchtime, but when they just study at home, their parents have to make lunch for them. In some cases, if parents go to work, students cannot eat lunch well.

▲ school class

To conclude, online classes have both advantages and disadvantages. COVID-19 gives serious damages to people. However, it is good that students can still continue their education virtually. I hope that COVID-19 will end soon and students can study at school well.

By Dahye Jeong


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