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During these past weeks, South Korea experienced the most extreme cold caused by the North pole cold wave, Also affect by this cold, the whole country was covered by snow. As it kept snowing, many people complained about inconveniences such as frozen water pipes, heavy traffic, and slippery road. However, there were also people who enjoyed this winter wonderland and, this little happiness remained various snowman on the streets.

On the 13th of January 2021, a picture of a high-quality snowman which was looked like Disney character queen Elsa from Frozen 2 was posted on Facebook with the title 'I made this snowman in front of our cafe with my other employees for marketing.' This posting aroused admiration in a very short period because of the quality of the snowman. People usually replied to this posting with reactions like it is not just snowman, it is a work of art. However, the next day, she posted another shocking news that someone smashed up the snowman last night, and she would sue that person with the evidence she had.

▲ High quality snowmen that were built in fornt of the cafe

The comment box in that posting filled with a huge amount of different opinions. Some people reacted that the man who destroyed a snowman cannot be punished because that snowman was not a permitted art job and built in the public street, so the owner of that snowman could not sue anyone. However, there was another very logical opinion that refuted that comment. The snowman was used for the marketing of the cafe, so she can sue the person who destroyed it for vandalism.

▲ Controversial picture that posted on Facebook with destroying the snowman

This issue was convicted that the person who destroyed the snowman can be punished in a legal way, but it is still controversial with the standard of the punishment. There are still lots of people who cannot admit the punishment of simply destroying snowmen that will melt sometime.

▲ South Korea Street that was covered with snow

Jan. 23rd, 2021

By Seojin youn


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