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In the past, there were many severe sexual discrimination cases in South Korea. So, the sexual role was almost fixed between men and women. Nowadays, sexual discrimination is fixed by people's own thinking. However, there are still many cases of sexual discrimination in South Korea. In some certain parts, women are better than men. In other certain parts, men are better than women. Sexual discrimination is usually made by people's thinking. So, other people, if there are many people who stereotype others in the society, there will be more sexual discrimination. That is why we need to change our thinking about sexual discrimination.

▲ discrimination, related with company

Sexual discrimination often occurs in a company, a school, or even in a house, and in many other places. Sexual discrimination occurs when there are a man and a woman in an environment. For example, in a company, there is sexual discrimination. Men's salary is usually higher than women's salary. Although they work at the same time in the same company, their salary is different. Another situation is in a school. If a teacher wants to order someone to move heavy things, he or she calls a boy. It is because people usually think that a boy is stronger than a girl. Also, if a boy and a girl fight at school, the teacher usually thinks that the boy is wrong. It is because people think a fight is started by a boy. The last example is in a house. In certain houses, women usually wash the dishes and clean the house. They usually cook food, too.

Nowadays, sexual discrimination is lesser than in the past. However, there are still many cases of sexual discrimination in South Korea. Men and women are the same because they are humans. So, we should not discriminate against others. In a company, school, and in a house, men and women have to take the same treatment. For an equal society, we have to change our thinking and stop stereotyping. Then, there will be an equal society in South Korea.

▲ equal scale


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