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Every school plans various events. For example, they plan for or final test, sports day, job shadowing, school trip, and concert. Students expect these exciting events of their school. What are the most favorable events in the school of students? There are various events that students anticipate. There are particular events in some schools that students like or hate. So, here are the events in Munsu Middle School.

First, Munsu Middle School have tests. Having a test is common in all schools. It is because tests are important to students. The tests are divided into two parts, the middle test, and the final test. They are both important to students, so they should study hard. A test is progressed twice each semester. So, students should take a test four times. The test is progressed 2-3 days. It is because students should take a test in a subject. It is different for other subjects. It is different for other students, but Munsu Middle School's test is for six subjects. So, it takes 2-3 days. These tests are important because it is associated with going to high school. Grades in middle school will help students decide for their high school. So, if one wants to go to a special high school, he or she should get high grades. So, students study hard for that.

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The second event in Munsu Middle School is the concert. Munsu Middle School's concert is not common like other schools. It is divided into two, the Twinkle Concert and Dream Concert. They are both concerts for the entertainment of students. Students join the concerts and show their talent. For example, they show their talent in dancing or singing. Some clubs also join, so students can see a bad show. However, the two concerts are different. Twinkle Concert is held for a while. It is not held for long. So, not many students participate in it. However, Dream Concert is held for a long time. So, students can enjoy themselves more and do various activities.

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Munsu Middle School has various events, and it has different attractions. In Munsu Middle School, events are more interesting than, in other schools. Students hope to enjoy the events next year, too.

by Kim Chae Min


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